t h e    c o m p l e t e l y    i n v i s i b l e              s w i m m i n g    p o o l  

Dr  Guthrie's  Ragged  Schools – Exclusively  for  Scottish  aristocratic  perverts  to  sexually  exploit  the  Impoverished

There  is  a  100-year  D-Notice  on  Dr  Guthrie's   schools 

                                   The  Scotsman - Tuesday   31  July  1928 

A new swimming pool was opened in Dr Guthrie's school for boys in Liberton, Edinburgh, yesterday. The pool is 40 feet long and 20 feet broad and varies in depth from 5 feet 6 inches to 2 feet 6 inches.



I'm unable to find a photograph of the Dr Guthrie's boys' school swimming baths. I've been looking all over the internet since 1999 for a photograph, and I've even contacted the other schools in Liberton, Edinburgh that used the swimming pool and asked them if they have any photographs. I can't find any

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In  1997  I  visited  the  boys' school  and  it  was  a  very  traumatic  experience. The  swimming  pool  was  still  in  use.  It  was  a  private  club.  It's  very  strange  that  I  can't  find  a  photo  of  the  pool


The swimming pool was a pedo-sweet shop. All the boys between the ages of 11 and 14 swam naked. We were not allowed to wear swimming trunks.

Sexual abuse was endemic in this pool during the years 1967-1972. I personally was abused along with eight other boys. The boys were regularly filmed and photographed naked.

According to the Dr Guthrie's Association, the main sexual abuser is apparently now nonexistent.

However,  this  man  did  exist 

He had a brand new blue Range Rover, either a 1970 or 1971 registration. This man also had a blue, C-registered Land Rover and an older Land Rover with a pre-1963 plate.

The name of this man has been provided to the authorities. I have given the police descriptions of the vehicles I recall him driving. He generally just showed up out of nowhere to take the boys to the swimming pool and he had a very affluent accent. 

He  was  also  in  charge  of  sports  days  from  1970  to  1972 

This man sexually abused many boys while I was a pupil at Dr Guthrie's Boys' School. He also took photographs and made films of the boys naked. He regularly showed the boys films he had made of naked boys. 


              The pupils at Dr Guthrie's Boys' School served as this man's                                                            sexual playthings


 It  would  seem  that  no  one  in  a  position  of  authority  is  concerned! 

There is no justice or closure for the children who were sexually abused by this monster in Dr Guthrie's swimming pool




Please  sign  the  petition  below.  Do  not  let  them  get  away  with  horrible  child  abuse 



 Children who have been abused within the walls of the school   have cried so much that the building is saturated with horror